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The MET Grancorso is our first NTA-certified helmet,
a new safety standard created specifically for Speed E-bike riders.

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With thirty years of expertise making cycling helmets, Met was asked to work alongside a safety research group
to help develop NTA, the world’s first safety standard specifically for Speed E-bike riders.
As E-bike use continues to rise around the world, we’re honoured to have worked on such a vitally important initiative.




We embraced the opportunity to transform your commute by making it safer.
As a result, the MET Grancorso is able to dissipate significantly more impact energy.
A stress-free commute can take you anywhere.

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Compared to a CE certified helmet, an NTA EPS shell has 10% more impact-tested coverage around the two most sensitive brain areas: the back and the temples.

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Pedalling on your e-bike can become so much more than just the commute from home to work – because when your helmet protects your confidence, it’s easy to relax and let our innovative technologies defend you anywhere you choose to go.




Designed & Engineered in Italy


Built for city use, it’s also safer at night thanks to the reflective bottom half of the helmet,
which boosts your 360° visibility to other road users.

An additional USB-charged LED light can also be attached, to really get you seen.
USB LED light fits snugly onto the dial of the fit system.
Featuring 6 LEDs in flashing or constant modes. Night safe mode and water resistant.



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The magnetic Fidlock strap fastening system makes securing the helmet simple, while the padded chin strap ensures a soft-touch on the skin.




The Full-Wrap Shell construction functions as a monocoque
making the Grancorso safer and durable over time and in rough use.


The Grancorso can be equipped with a magnetic eye shield, which protects the naked eye from wind & insects, without compromising the rider’s field of vision. It provides enhanced safety with uninhibited sight.


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"Se tengo in conto delle qualità construttive, dei materiali, delle finiture, del superiore comfort, della legerezza, il prezzo del solo cascho è piu che giustificato. Lo diventa ancor più perché con quella cifra sto portandomi a casa [...] un casco piu sicuro insomma."

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"Il prezzo è giustificato dalla qualità costruttiva e gli standard di omologazione e ci sembra naturale e doveroso, a fronte di una spesa importante per una ebike, essere certi di avere in testa il massimo della protezione disponibile sul mercato."

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Outer shell construction In-Mould
Inner shell Shock absorbing polystyrene
Chin strap buckle Magnetic fid lock
Straps and Divider Anti-slip cam divider
Fit system Safe-T Advanced
Visor Removable visor. Removable thermoplastic visor included.
Comfort Anti-Allergenic Interior Padding. Padded chin strap. Hand Washable
Be seen Reflective side.
Compatibility Polycarboante Magnetic Shield, USB Led light
Certifications NTA, CE, AS/NZ, US
  S M L
NTA 305 gr 320 gr 360 gr
  S M L
A cm 52/56 56/58 58/62



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